Wednesday, January 7, 2009

OFFICIAL LAUNCH: The Graduates Free Soundtrack Songs!

The Graduates represents a revolutionary partnership between indie bands and indie filmmakers. For a limited time you can sign up to receive a free soundtrack song EVERY WEEK between February 14th and May 1st, 2009. That's half the soundtrack, FREE.
To sign up, just send a blank email to
You'll be automatically registered!

What's the catch?
There is no catch. We believe in our soundtrack, we believe in the bands and the music, and we believe in our film. We want you to have this music because we know it's good and we know it represents our film perfectly!

Soundtrack Case FREE Bwalk

Are these bands any good?
These bands are phenomenal. They tour all over the country, some are signed with small labels, some represent themselves. But every band on The Graduates soundtrack adds a beautiful little piece of the entire puzzle of growing up- the beauty, the sadness, the drunkness, the ridiculousness and of course, the laughter.

Can I check them out before I sign up?
Of course! Our online music store allows you to sample every song, any time you want, just like iTunes. So check it out for yourself!

Will you send me spam?
Never. We will only send you the weekly reminder to download your free song, and a reminder when the film comes out.

Why are you giving away music and video from the film? Don't you want people to pay for every little thing?
The short answer is no. Eventually it would be nice if you go buy a ticket or put the movie in your Netflix Queue, but whatever, we know our movie isn't for everyone, no movie is! Hopefully you'll love the music and the movie. If not, no worries. We'll be happy knowing we gained incredible exposure for the film and for a bunch of bands we truly believe in.

Everything we're doing to promote The Graduates is grassroots. Studios don't give away songs because they don't trust the audience- they think they have to trick the audience to show up in the theater. Well, that's true, if you make shitty movies.

We made a good movie, and we think if you get a taste of it, you'll agree! So sign up, get some free music from incredible, emerging indie bands every week, and come see the film in May.

Don't forget: To sign up, just send a blank email to You'll be automatically registered!

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