Saturday, April 5, 2008

Deleted Scenes Now Available For Free Download Online

Thanks to Vimeo’s awesomeness, here is Deleted Scenes, my short, in its entirety! I love you, vimeo. Hope you enjoy... (runtime: 24 minutes)

Deleted Scenes (a short film) from Ryan Gielen on Vimeo.

Deleted Scenes was shot with a budget of about $1,000. The entire film was shot in one day. The black & white scenes were shot a couple weeks later, at night, around my neighborhood in Spanish Harlem.

Deleted Scenes has played at festivals across the country and has won and been nominated for a couple awards.

Brian Seibert
Josh Davis
Holly Lynn Ellis
Jerry Goralnick
Logan Tracey

Written by:
Ryan Gielen & Matt Rho

Directed & Produced by:
Ryan Gielen

Produced by:
Matt Gielen

Cinematography by:
James Silverman

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  1. i love you, deleted scenes! you're hilarious. MWAH.