Sunday, April 13, 2008

"Deleted Scenes" Featured On Gawker

Hey- in case you missed Gawker on Friday, my short film Deleted Scenes was featured under "Things We Actually Like"...

Check it out here: Gawker: Things We Actually Like... Nick Douglas, poster of the article, had this to say:
"Know how Walker Percy wanted to hate the manuscript some lady handed him, but he loved it and thus A Confederacy of Dunces got published? That's how I feel about this short film, in which a director and actor argue while recording commentary on their latest film. This is the sort of script I would have killed for when I was doing college plays."
Much appreciated, Nick Douglas...

Also, let me take this opportunity to whore out my new feature: be sure to check out (and forward, forward, forward!) the opening sequence of The Graduates, coming soon!

The Graduates (opening sequence) from Ryan Gielen on Vimeo.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Deleted Scenes Now Available For Free Download Online

Thanks to Vimeo’s awesomeness, here is Deleted Scenes, my short, in its entirety! I love you, vimeo. Hope you enjoy... (runtime: 24 minutes)

Deleted Scenes (a short film) from Ryan Gielen on Vimeo.

Deleted Scenes was shot with a budget of about $1,000. The entire film was shot in one day. The black & white scenes were shot a couple weeks later, at night, around my neighborhood in Spanish Harlem.

Deleted Scenes has played at festivals across the country and has won and been nominated for a couple awards.

Brian Seibert
Josh Davis
Holly Lynn Ellis
Jerry Goralnick
Logan Tracey

Written by:
Ryan Gielen & Matt Rho

Directed & Produced by:
Ryan Gielen

Produced by:
Matt Gielen

Cinematography by:
James Silverman